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Halton Hills new Nun's Monastery

We are happy to announce the formation of a new Mahamevnawa Asapuwa opening in the GTA. A Sangupastanika Committee has been formed to invite two Anagarika Maniyos to form a nuns centre in Halton Hills, near Milton, Ontario. This is being done at the request of Loku Svaminwahanse. Please visit their new website, buddhistnuns.ca and get involved to support this extremely meritorious project. 

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NEW: Parent's Dhamma Discussion

Come discuss the ways we can teach The Buddha's Dhamma to our children and protect them in this life and future lives as well. 3-5 pm on the Second Sunday in October during the Children's Program.

STARTING AGAIN: Sinhala Dhamma Vocabulary Workshop

The fall session of the Sinhala Dhamma Vocabulary Workshop is beginning again Tuesday nights from 8-9 pm. Participants must have a basic knowledge of conversational Sinhala to benefit from the workshop. All ages are welcome.

TIME CHANGE: English Sil

The English Sil program will now start at 7:30 am with precepts and breakfast dana. The rest of the schedule will stay the same

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Latest English Dhamma Books

Stories of Brahmas

From this book you will learn about the gods that live in the highest heavens, the brahma realms. You will see how arrogant gods became disciples of the Buddha. These stories are a translation of the Brahma Samyutta found in the Samyutta Nikaya.

On-line at Amazon.com.

New Sinhala Books

 විස්තරාර්ථ ධම්ම පදය - 24 (තණ්හා වර්ගය)- පූජ්‍ය කිරිබත්ගොඩඤාණානන්ද ස්වාමීන් වහන්සේ



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