Meritorious Devotees,

Under the compassionate guidance of our teacher, Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero, we started the process of obtaining re-zoning approval in order to build a new meditation hall at the Monastery. We were fortunate enough to receive the approval from the city recently.

Many Venerable Bhantes, devas, faithful donors, volunteers, staff and councillors in the city of Markham and York Region developed good kamma by being involved in this process. We wholeheartedly rejoice in the merit they have collected. 

Now we have started the process of building the meditation hall. This new building will always be used as a place where the Supreme Buddha will be worshipped and the sacred relics of the Supreme Buddha will be honoured as well. It will also be used as a vihara (dwelling) for Venerable Bhantes and as a sacred place where Bhantes and lay people learn the Dhamma, practise meditation and engage in many meritorious activities.

The rare opportunity has now become available for you to be a meritorious donor by making donations for this noble project.
May this merit help you to realize the Four Noble Truths in this Gautama Buddha’s dispensation!

With loving kindness,




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