Dhamma Articles

      Ignorance is comparable to a wakeless sleep
      Good deeds of man create a Positive environment
      Merits leading to a successful marriage
      Death and afterlife
      Let's avert the end of the world through righteous livelihood Part 2
      Let's avert the end of the world through righteous livelihood Part 1
      Only a few will be reborn as human
      The halo of the Buddha
      Morality can not be judged by attire
      One who seeks solace in alcohol aggrevates one's emptiness
      Are you willing to be independent?

Getting Closer to Reality

      Part 1- Getting Closer to Reality - Buddhism
      Part 3- Getting Closer to Reality - Buddhist Books
      Part 4 - Getting Closer to Reality - Monks and Nuns
      Part 5 - Getting Closer to Reality - Rebirth! Is it true…?

Vandana Books



This is the chanting book we use for the Friday night puja devotional service.


Meditation Books


Bhavana - Meditation

This book contains the guided meditations we use in our meditation programs.

Dhamma Handouts

    Chanting Of Metta Bhāvanā
    Metta Bhāvanā
    Brahma Vihara
    100 names for Gautama Supreme Buddha
    Jayamangala Gatha
    Building A Sutta Library
      Buddhanussati Meditation
      Impermanent Meditation
      Metta Bhavana-Loving Kindness Meditation
      Uposatha Precepts
      Paying Homage to All the Sacred Relics of the Supreme Buddha
      I have No One Greater than the Supreme Buddha
      Asking for Forgiveness
      Asking for Forgiveness and Sharing Merit with Bhantes
    Extraordinary Gautama Buddha's Life
    Four sacred places of Gautama Supreme Buddha
    Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi Varuna - ජය සිරිමා බෝ වරුණා



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