Dhamma Talks Given at Fourth Sunday English Program

All of the talks given at our monastery and meditation center are based on the original teachings of the Buddha as found in the suttas (scriptures) preserved faithfully by the Theravada tradition.

You are welcome to join us on the fourth Sunday of every month for our day-long program. See the English Day-Long Meditation and Eight Precepts Program page for more details.

Talks given at our Friday evening program are available by clicking here.

2014‐Aug 116 Chanting Maha Mangala Sutta
2014‐Aug 115 Akkhana Sutta
2014‐Aug 114 Licchavi Kumara Sutta
2014‐Aug 113 Sarakani
2014‐Aug 112 Dhamma Discussion
2014‐Aug 111 BalaPanditha Sutta
2014‐Aug 110 Chatuma
2014‐Aug 109 Dhamma Discussion
2014‐Aug 108 English Sil
2014‐Aug 107 Meditation on Elements
2014‐Aug 106 Peta Vattu
2014‐Aug 105 Meditation on Impurities of Body
2014‐Aug 104 Meditation On Elements
2014‐Aug 103 Chula Dhamma Samadhana
2014‐Aug 102 Dhamma Discussion
2014‐Aug 101 Chanting Wyagga Pajja Sutta
2014‐Aug 100 English Sil
2014‐Aug 99 Chanting Narasiha Gatha
2014‐Feb 98 Dhammacetiya Sutta Part 1
2014‐Feb 97 Theri Gatha
2014‐Feb 96 Sakka Sanyutta
2014‐Feb 95 Metta
2014‐Feb 94 Chanti Verses of Upali Sutta
2014‐Feb 93 Khajjaniya Sutta
2014‐Feb 92 Dhammacetiya Sutta Part 2
2014‐Feb 91 Nagara Vindeyya Sutta
2014‐Feb 90 Dhamma Discussion
2014‐Feb 89 Meditation on the Repulsiveness of food
2014‐Feb 88 Chula Tanhasankhaya Sutta
2014‐Feb 87 Dhammapada
2014‐Feb 86 Anathapindikovada Sutta
2014‐Feb 85 Chanting Budddhanussati
2014‐Feb 84 Dhamma Discussion
2014‐Feb 83 Discussion and Impermanent Meditation
2014‐Feb 82 Loving Kindness Meditation
2014‐Feb 81 Questions from Devas
2014‐Feb 80 Human's Future
2014‐Feb 79 Impermanent Meditation on Faculties
2014‐Feb 78 Impermanent Meditation On Faculties and Discussion
2014‐Feb 77 Chanting Vasala Sutta
2014‐Feb 76 Extraordinary Enlightenment
2014‐Feb 75 Buddhanussati Meditation
2014‐Feb 74 Chanting the homage of Arahant Seela
2014‐Feb 73 Observing the Eight Precepts
2014‐Feb 72 Breathing Meditation
2014‐Feb 71 Anumana Sutta
2013-March 70 Life is Short
2013-March 69 Hapiness in this Present Life 3
2013-March 68 Hapiness in this Present Life 2
2013-March 67 Hapiness in this Present Life 1
2013-March 66 Approching the Dhamma 2
2013-March 65 Approching the Dhamma 1
2013-March 64 The Bringer of Light 4
2013-March 63 The Bringer of Light 3
2013-March 62 The Bringer of Light 2
2013-March 61 The bringer of Light 1
2013-March 60 The Human Condition
2013‐Feb 59 Why should we develop meditation
2013‐Feb 58 The way to true happiness at Sarasota
2013‐Feb 57 Realization of an Enlightened one
2013‐Feb 56 Offering Buddha Puja
2013‐Feb 55 Karaniya Metta Sutta
2013‐Feb 54 Extraordinary knowledge of the Buddha
2013‐Feb 53 Eight Precepts
2013‐Feb 52 Anumana Sutta
2013‐Feb 51 Five aggregates of clinging
2013‐Feb 50 Sakka Sanyutta
2013‐Feb 49 Vhanting verses of upali sutta
2013‐Feb 48 Verses of arahant nuns
2013‐Feb 47 Vygga Pajja Sutta
2013‐Feb 46 Hungry Ghosts
2013‐Feb 45 Chanting Narasiha Gatha
2013‐Feb 44 Vindeyya Sutta
2013‐Feb 43 Chula Thanha Sankhaya Sutta
2013‐Feb 42 Chanting Wasala Sutta
2013‐Feb 41 dhamma discussiol
2013‐Feb 40 Anathapindaka Upasaka
2013‐Feb 39 Verses of Arahant Nuns
2013‐Feb 38 Impermenent Meditation
2013‐Feb 37 Chanting Alavaka Sutta
2013‐Feb 36 Questions of Devas
2013‐Feb 35 Metta Meditationl
2013‐Feb 34 Dhamma Discussion
2013‐Feb 33 Chanting Buddhanussati
2013‐Feb 32 Impermenent Meditation
2013‐Feb 31 Future of world
2013‐Feb 30 Enlightment of Buddha
2013‐Feb 29 Dhamma Discussion
2013‐Feb 28 Chanting Aggika Bharadvaja sutta
2013‐Feb 27 Buddha Pooja
2013‐Feb 26 Breathing Meditation
2013‐Feb 25 Questions of Devas ‐ II
2013‐Feb 24 Questions of Devas ‐ I
2013‐Feb 23 Hungry Ghosts
2013‐Feb 22 Dhamma Discussion
2013‐Feb 21 Chanting Parabawa Sutta
2013‐Feb 20 Hungry Ghosts
2013‐Feb 19 Final nibbana of Buddha
2013‐Feb 18 Arahants life
2013‐Feb 17 Story of creator God
2013‐Feb 16 Parinibbana of Buddha
2013‐Feb 15 Dhamma Discussion
2013‐Feb 14 Chanting Karaniya Metta Sutta
2013‐Feb 13 Breathing Meditation
2013‐Feb 12 Various Goals
2013‐Feb 11 Goal
2013‐Feb 10 Dhamma Discussion
2013‐Feb 9 chanting versus of Angulimala Thero
2013‐Feb 8 Chanting Qualities of Buddha
2013‐Feb 7 About Women
2013‐Feb 6 Impermenent Meditation
2013‐Feb 5 Dhamma Discussion
2013‐Feb 4 Value of Parents
2013‐Feb 3 Stories of Gods
2013‐Feb 2 God Sakka's Life
2013‐Feb 1 Questions of Devas

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